Welcome to Thames Therapy Network

About Us

We are a group of Psychotherapists/Counsellors who have joined together to offer experience and excellence in Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Thames Therapy Network Psychotherapists/Counsellors are all UKCP or BACP registered and all have an additional previous training in a Mental Health or Social Care core profession.

Thames Therapy Network Psychotherapists /Counsellors have gained extensive experience from working for many years within the NHS as well as in the Private Sector. This enables us to bring a wealth of experience, reliability and a capacity to help with both complex/challenging difficulties as well as more straight forward psychological issues.

In working together as a network of Psychotherapists and Counsellors we can offer a variety of treatment models/services to find the right treatment for you and the difficulties you are facing.

In working together we aim to offer appointments quickly and at a variety of locations and times.

All Thames Therapy Network Psychotherapists/Counsellors offer a safe, confidential and regular therapeutic space for you discuss and reflect on your difficulties with a therapist. Through these discussions with a therapist , insight into your difficulties can be gained , you can feel heard and empathically attended to and these experiences combined can offer sustained psychological changes which can help you move forward with your life.

Our treatment Aims

  • Improved emotional well being
  • Improved understanding of your relationship patterns and development of new and healthier ways of being in relationships
  • Positive and sustained personal growth
  • More peace of mind, increased sense of emotional stability
  • Better understanding of yourself, the feelings you have and how to manage them in healthier ways
  • A reduction of distressing symptoms that may be holding you back


You can self refer by contacting the therapist you wish to work with directly or be referred by your GP, Psychiatrist or other Health Care Professional.
Referrals may also be accepted as part of Employee Assistance Programmes.


Fees can be discussed with the therapist on direct enquiry, as can whether you wish to self fund or use Medical Insurance cover.

Professional standards and code of ethics

Thames Therapy Network is primarily a marketing and networking organisation.
Each Psychotherapist listed within Thames Therapy Network is responsible for their own adherence to their individual Code of Ethics/Professional standards as detailed by their Registration Body.